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gain FREEDOM from the inner-critic who says "you can't" or stops you from living at your full potential?

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Steadfast Warrior Mastermind

Ready to start living at your NEXT level?

Become someone who pushes past self-limitations, that say, "It's too hard, I'm not capable."

You'll learn how to handle obstacles, so you can face any future setbacks without being thrown off your path.

Overcome barriers that stand in between you and the life you want, without changing your circumstances.

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Becoming a Better Version of Yourself Made Easy Podcast

Action-orientated tools for practicing personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to perservere.

Jake Roehl is the host for FitBar's podcast.

He has an engaging way of teaching in simple ways from 20 plus years of experience.

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Why work with Jake & Whit?

April Schaffroth & Stephanie Schaffroth, Owners of Schaffroth Farmers Agency, went through Jake & Whit's 6-month coaching program. Their goal was to make a big healthy lifestyle change. Listen to what their experience was like.



You create a plan... but following through to get results is frustrating!

Acquire the right tools so you can stick to your plan with ease.

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You lose motivation, fall off track, and quit.

Whitney has tons of experience quitting and has the key to stop.You can too!

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You're self-motivated and excel in every area except that one area.

Learn how addressing your mind first gets you results you want.

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Learn how to feel better, achieve the "impossible", and embrace life as a fun adventure.

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