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Our live events are held in Austin, TX. We have two main types of events - Fitness + Social and Adventure + Social. We guarantee that you’ll make a friend. Learn more

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FitBar members receive free access to all our live events; invitations to VIP experiences; and access to exclusive digital content to help them go after their goals.

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We provide coaching to former athletes with crazy-busy schedules. For people who want support making a permanent shift to a healthy lifestyle and overcome obstacles.

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If you don't have a personal trainer to keep you accountable, you may find it challenging to stick to a workout routine. As fitness and lifestyle coaches, we've overcome this same obstacle and created this tool for YOU.

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5 Easy Steps To Keep You Consistent With Your Routine


Jake and Whitney Roehl are the co-founders of FitBar, who know all about overcoming obstacles and the value of having good teammates.


In 2010, I was living in Chicago. My social life revolved around the bar scene. When I wanted to make a shift in my health, set new goals and meet others striving to be healthy, my social life became lonely...


Growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my days at the beach. I grew up playing and coaching sports and have always loved having teammates...

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is a social solution for healthy-minded people who value growth and community.
FitBar puts on events with a combination of a fun physical activity followed by an intentional social activity; both are specifically designed to foster connection.


We are so grateful to our partners this month: the Westin Austin at the Domain and TOMS Shoes/Roasting Company.

If your business would like to host a FitBar event or feature a free sample of your healthy food or drink, contact us. We'd love to hear how we can add value to your company!

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