The Westin 30/30 May 31st @ 6:30 pm

You Are Valuable

and deserve to be healthy, so you can live a fulfilling life


Stay Consistent with Your Health

Let's face it...

Exercising regularly doesn't always sound super FUN. Actually, most days you probably don't feel like it.

The weekends are spent over indulging as a "reward" and Monday's  usually start with a bit of guilt.

You are highly-motivated for a few days or even a few weeks, then life gets busy and you fall off track.

Food is your comfort, most days a stress-relief. Changing that seems like it would take a lot of JOY out of life.

Stop trying to force a fit lifestyle you don't enjoy, instead create...
  • A lifestyle you LOVE.
  • A lifestyle with BIGGER goals than just losing weight.
  • A lifestyle that FUELS your health.
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Becoming a Better Version of Yourself Made Easy Podcast

Topics with action-orientated tools for practicing personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and continuing to persevere are all brought into vulnerable conversation.

Jake Roehl is the host for FitBar podcast called Living by Design with Jake & Whit.

He has an engaging and fun way of sharing from his 20 plus years of coaching and teaching.

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You dread getting into better shape and want a "soft landing". Or feel guilty when you're not working. Our online workouts are short so you enjoy the habit. 

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You lose motivation and "fall off track" with your health goals. Whitney has experience in the struggle and provides group accountability to become consistent.

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For people with busy schedules who want mindset tools to maintain a healthy and joy-filled lifestyle. We have themed group-coaching calls.

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Download this free guide that will help you gain the RIGHT type of accountability, set realistic goals, and look forward to your workouts.

Build a Healthy Habit

FREE Guide to Exercising Consistently. Guilt-free.


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