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We work with two kinds of career-driven people.

  1. Career-driven people who want to lose 40-plus pounds.
  2. Career-driven people who want to transform and deepen their personal relationships.

This work isn't JUST for anyone though.

It's ONLY for people who are fed up with getting the same results and truly ready to make changes.

If that IS you or you're ready to UNCOVER if it is, then book a complimentary discovery-session with us.

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Find out what a few of our clients say about their personal transformations.

Whitney Roehl

I've always been very self-driven. In high school I was in sports, into college I stayed active, and maintained an active life, exercising pretty regularly.

However, I always struggled with my weight. I'd tried EVERY diets and workout program to lose weight and feel better but nothing was sustainable. 

I LOVED sugar, drinking wine, and attending social gatherings where food was the center. Although it was fun, it felt like it was a constant struggle and the "mind chatter" (what to eat or not eat) was non-stop.

I started to believe, "maybe I'll never be a skinny girl who feels confident in her body", because the harder I tried the more weight I'd gain. 

Finally, I learned 3 concepts to transform a struggling relationship. As I started to apply these concepts to my life the weight started to MELT OFF.

I lost 59 lbs in 6 1/2 months.

OH MY GOSH! It's running into all aspects of my life- which is a beautiful thing.

Other than the physical transformation, my relationships have changed.

Even with my husband, it's always been good, but having the mindset, and the ability to process things differently has made our marriage even BETTER

Which is weird because you don't think that could JUST HAPPEN and it's JUST BEEN happening.

Even in my career mindset- I've been setting new goals there, and I didn't even realize that I had other goals that I wanted to accomplish. When I started this process I was JUST wanting to lose weight.

I was SO tired of the quick fixes and ready for a life change.

In the beginning, I doubted that it would work and doubted that I could stick with it long-term and that I'd fall back into old routines.

It worked and I've had amazing results! 

I would have never thought this process could positively effect my daily life. It's helped with my interactions with co-workers, with relationships I've struggled with in the past. It's helped me feel more equipped to be a healthy role-model for my future kids.

There's one REALLY exciting thing- I got engaged 4-months into this program! When I see the photos from our engagement I love what I see, I'm proud of myself! This process is worth it.

I can look at those engagement pictures a thousand times over and still LOVE it!

I've spent $1,000's in the last couple of years and haven't lost ANY weight.

The basis of your program, I thought was a bunch of BS because I wanted to know HOW- just tell me what to eat.

At first it was hard but finally it JUST clicked! I'm halfway to my goal, I've lost 19lbs in 2 months, which is incredible.

This is the ONLY thing that's ever worked for me.

I'd tell anyone who's considering doing this, to just try it. The worse thing that can happen is that your relationships get better.

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Blowing My Own Mind

After, doing coaching with Whitney & Jake, they've given me tools that have allowed me to become a better version of myself. I have learned so much.

Plus, they just took me to summit my first 14,000 ft mountain in CA- I'm continuing to BLOW MY OWN MIND!

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