Build Consistency with Ease

You are either here because you're currently struggling with staying consistent in your healthy habits or someone recommended you.

Either way, it's not by chance you're here.

Set Goals that Inspire You

You were made to live a life of joy, good health, and peace. Of course, there are difficult seasons that require more of our time and energy. You can still maintain these things, as a way of life.

It starts with a powerful WHY. A goal that inspires you.

Become a Member

FitBar Worldwide gives you access to a supportive online community and tools that makes staying consistent easier and more convenient.

You Can Expect to:

- Get to Your Fitness Baseline- workouts that make getting into the habit easy.

- Weight Loss Video Course- to curb food and sugar cravings.

- 10-15 min QUICK workouts- you can squeeze into your busy day.

- LIVE Group Coaching calls- each one themed + Q&A.

- Weekly Journal - Set the right intention that fuels your day!

- Weekly Accountability- encourage others that have similar goals.

...and more

Properly Fuel Your Mind

Successfully swapping bad habits for healthy ones starts by changing your thinking and negative self-talk when you miss a day or week.

" Fit-Bar does a great job of being intentional with their events. they are also creating an engaging environment where they facilitate growth, depth, and community. It’s wonderful. "

Registered Nurse

"The fitness concept combined with the intentional social gathering is a great idea. It's always good to meet new people and make friends, I walk away feeling that was accomplished."

Production Manager

"I'm motivated to eat healthier and not waste the workout I just did. "

Sales Manager

FitBar Events

An opportunity to meet people who want to prioritize their health, connect and be active (FREE or Donation-based).

Fitness + Fun

Our signature event is the 30/30, which is a 30-minute workout followed by 30 minutes of fun social. You will be challenged physically, but most importantly - discover common interests with healthy-minded people.


We organize fun, active adventures - rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, trampolines and more - then we design an activity to be woven throughout the experience.


We offer monthly, 90-minute workshops on topics including abundance, weight loss, and setting and achieving goals.

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