Your Relationship with Food Could be Harming You

Choosing ANOTHER diet to lose weight is a waste of time and money.

We guide you to make self-sustaining food choices, so you end cravings, compulsive eating, and yo-yo dieting.

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Whitney Roehl

I was self-driven and pretty happy. There wasn't anything "wrong" with my life but I felt like I wasn't living to my fullest potential.

I'd overeat and over drink wine, thinking, "so what, that's just what people do to socialize." It continued leaving me unsatisfied though, like I was missing something BIGGER from llfe.

Now, my relationship with food and myself is completely different! I no longer use food for comfort or to manage stress. I don't feel shame myself or live a strict life. It's incredible!

Although, I do know what it's like to fail hundreds of times, not have a good relationship with myself and feel insecure. That all changed!

There's nothing you can tell me that will surprise me!

Are you ready for your own transformation?

My Coaches are Amazing

-Brooke from Nashville, TN, Registered Nurse

Brookes incredible transformation is an inspiration to anyone who's struggled with "controlling" the amount of pleasure they get from food or alcohol.

I was Super Skeptical

"I was super skeptical at first but I didn't want another quick fix. I wanted a deep-dive, a life change, so I knew I wanted to try something I'd never tried before. This process is worth it! It's the lifestyle change that I wanted!"

- Anna, Austin, TX, Nurse Practitioner

I'm Finally in the Driver's Seat

"I’m finally in the driver’s seat of every aspect of my life. In the first 6 months of working with Jake and Whitney, I lost 25 pounds, I quit drinking alcohol, I quit chewing Nicorette gum (chewed for 11 years after 25 years of smoking!), I retired from my 9-5 job, and pursuing my dream of music theater (currently doing my second production).

If I knew then, when I first started, what I know now - I would tell my skeptical self to trust and believe. GO FOR IT!!!"

-Anne Elise, South Bay, CA, Retired Registered Nurse

I'm ready to start making changes

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I Heard Whitney's Story

"I heard Whitney’s story and I thought to myself, "wow, I had no idea."

Her story touched me.

After, doing coaching with Whitney & Jake, they've given me tools that have allowed me to become a better version of myself. I have learned so much.

Plus, they just took me to summit my first 14,000 ft mountain in CA- I'm continuing to BLOW MY OWN MIND!

- Jennifer, Austin, TX, Financial Advisor

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