Life Coaching

To become the best version of yourself, it requires believing something new.

Whitney's before and after, she lost 40 lbs, in one year.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

We provide coaching to former athletes with crazy-busy schedules who want support making a permanent shift to a healthy lifestyle.

  • We work with former athletes who want to shift back into a healthier lifestyle.
  • We can help you set and achieve goals and go after your dreams.
  • We can help you stop isolating yourself, meet new people, and make like-minded friends.
  • We can help you stick to your plan to eat healthy and get fit.

Weight Loss Coaching

Whitney struggled with weight loss for years. She finally lost 40 lbs and has kept it all off by learning and mastering self-coaching tools. 

We want to teach you how to use these tools to shed the extra weight by becomeing free from the temptation of "rewarding" yourself with food after a stressful day, free from constant mind chatter, and free from an over desire for food

You will be able to stop battling against your body using willpower and instead, manage your mind to lose weight effortlessly.

We can help you stop overeating, curb your cravings and lose weight.

We can help you break the cycle of starting a new diet, quitting, gaining all the weight back, loathing yourself, and then repeating the cycle again and again.

We can help you get unstuck and start loving the body you are in.

Sound too good to be true? Whitney thought so too until she took a chance, was willing to do the work, and eventually her efforts paid off tenfold!

That’s the power of coaching.


Whitney lost 40 lbs in just a few months after she enrolled in Brooke Castillo’s premier coaching program, Self-Coaching Scholars. She had such amazing results, weight loss and overcoming other struggles, that she absolutely loves sharing the power of coaching with FitBar’s weight loss clients.

Her mission is to help other women who struggle with negative self-talk, disbelief, and using food to cope with life.



Jake fell in love with coaching back in his days as a Division I athlete. His mind makes valuable connections between training for sports and training for life – he believes that knowledge, commitment, and reps are the key no matter what you’re training for.

He earned his Life Coach Certification (Expert Level).  Most of all, he loves to share his experience. Jake moved through the pain of his divorce without letting it hinder him emotionally, and put himself in a position to show up 100% for the love of his life - Whitney. He's passionate about helping others overcoming obstacles and transitioning from difficult circumstances to live life courageously.

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Life Coaching Options

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LIVE Group Coaching



Biweekly LIVE calls

Access via Slack 24/7

PDF's to do your own work on

Goal setting each month

Accountability check-in each month


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Total Transformation



One-hour biweekly one-on-one coaching calls (a total of 12 calls)

Access to library of online video's

Access to online platform

PDF's for homework and tools


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6 Month Weight Loss Program



One-hour biweekly one-on-one coaching calls (a total of 12 calls)

Access to library of online video's

Access to online platform

PDF's for homework and tools


FREE "Healthy By Design" Program" ($99 value)

3 FREE additional one-on-one's with Whitney or Jake to discuss any challenge ($300)

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"So far, I have lost 25 pounds and 10% body fat - but more importantly, I feel so much better about myself. The bonus is that these new tools I have gained have been working in other areas of my life as well. I have honestly learned to view food as fuel, and not as a vehicle to numb or feed my emotions."

Anne Elise
Registered Nurse

"I heard Whitney’s story. And I thought to myself… wow, I had no idea. Her story touched me. After, doing coaching with Whitney & Jake on some other things going on in my life, I simply mentioned I’d like to get “my drinking” under control. They gave me tools and a plan that I could stick to. Now it's completely under control. My life is changing in ways I could have never imagined! Big things are coming."

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Our Guarantee to You

We are so confident that you will get a ton of value from Healthy by Design Foundations that we offer not one but TWO guarantees. If you’re not totally satisfied with the program, or you’re struggling with any of the content, we’ll provide you a FREE hour of coaching with us ($189 value).

If you’re STILL not satisfied, and can show us you've applied the work, we’ll refund 100% of your money back.

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