About Us

Whitney, co-founder

In 2010, I was living in Chicago. My social life revolved around the bar scene. When I wanted to make a shift in my health, set new goals and meet others striving to be healthy, my social life became lonely.

I attended classes at fitness studios but the opportunity to connect was missing completely. People would roll up their mats and quickly leave. This social need was the seed that started FitBar.

Jake, co-founder

Growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my days at the beach. I grew up playing and coaching sports and have always loved having teammates.

The concept of "team dinners" became one of the main reasons I got so excited about coaching and playing. Even later in life, my favorite parts about activities like backpacking and rock climbing were completing the challenge, then eating together and laughing about what we'd just done.

Mercedes, FitBar Coach

is an ex Pro Big-Wave surfer where she was sponsored by Patagonia for several years. Her passion for being active, outdoors, and healthy is inspirational. She has a strong love for community, which is perfect for FitBar. We are so grateful to have her as a coach that currently leads 30/30's, 5k training's, SUP events, and more to come. When you attend one of her events you will be drawn to her energetic and encouraging personality.

How it Began

We met in 2016. On our first date, we didn’t go to a fancy restaurant or a trendy bar. Instead, we did a hike on the Greenbelt and had dinner at Hula Hut. This pretty much embodies our lifestyle: we love casual fun, being active and spending all the time we can outdoors.

Our shared passion for creating like-minded friends who enjoy similar activities and a healthy lifestyle created a spark that ignited a love story.

We’re co-founders of FitBar.

People say you shouldn’t go into business with your spouse.

They also say you shouldn’t play 2’s beach volleyball with your spouse ...and we CRUSH IT!

Check out their podcast called Living By Design with Jake & Whit

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