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Signature 30/30’s in cool locations

Goal-oriented workshops to learn tools

Social outlet for health-minded people

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Virtual + Connection Membership $14.99

FREE online course ($19.99 Value)

Several workouts LIVE & online

Goal-setting group calls (accountability)

Tools to 'Thrive More' from FitBar TV

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"Fit-Bar is a great avenue to not only meet new people and try new things, but it also creates an environment where you can connect on a level that is more than just surface. Fit-Bar does a great job of being intentional with their events. they are also creating an engaging environment where they facilitate growth, depth, and community. It’s wonderful. "

Registered Nurse

"The fitness concept combined with the intentional social gathering is a great idea. I can find social groups and fitness groups separately but it's hard to manage both into one meetup group. It's always good to meet new people and make friends, I walk away feeling that was accomplished."

Production Manager

"The primary reason I like Fit-bar events is the fitness + social aspect. Getting to meet and workout with new people who have similar goals helps stay motivated. I feel like Fit-Bar is a unique combination of meetup group + social sports league + getting exercise. Most events are outdoors which is a good alternative to meetups at bars. Usually after the event I'm motivated to eat healthier and not waste the workout. My favorite was the 30 min workout at Mad Greens patio I felt that ones for days."

Sales Manager

FitBar Events

The centerpiece of FitBar is our popup events in our home city, Austin, TX. Listed below, are the different types of events we have monthly. The goal of every one is authentic connection. Each event includes an opportunity to sweat and an opportunity to connect.

Fitness + Social

Our signature event is the 30/30, which is a 30-minute workout followed by 30 minutes of intentional social time led by a FitBar Coach. You will be challenged physically, but most importantly - you WILL make friends

Adventure + Social

We organize fun, active adventures - rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, trampolines and more - then we design intentional social time to be woven throughout the experience. These events can be 90 minutes, check times to verify.

Workshops + Social

We offer monthly, 90-minute workshops on topics including abundance, weight loss, and setting and achieving goals. They are usually held in coffee shops, so please support our local businesses by purchasing a coffee or muffin.

Virtual Workout + Challenge

If you have WiFi, you can workout with us from anywhere. We’ll meet to do a 15-minute HIIT workout together. All you need is a water bottle, a mat, some space - and preferably a friend! After we will share either a health or social challenge you can participate that day.


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Above, to the left, you can see the highlighted dates for events. Or you can click below to see a larger calendar to view more details and RSVP.

Each week we have at least two events in Austin. All of our events require an RSVP.

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