Why FitBar?

FitBar is a social movement.

We believe that true social connection gives meaning to life.

We believe that we were put on this earth not just to consume, but to contribute.

We believe that we were meant not just to “get by,” but to thrive.

How do we do it?

  1. FitBar creates space to have real conversations and to forge real connections because that's when we find out we’re not alone.
  2. At FitBar, we stick with each other through our struggles. It’s our struggles that bring us together -  to lose weight, eat healthier, connect socially, cut back on drinking, start a business.
  3. We fulfill our purpose when we contribute to a community of people who are all trying to live our best lives.

Define Who You Want to Attract

We show you 4 steps to get more clear on who you want to connect with, take action, and overcome obstacles that are preventing you from meeting the right people.

Sound Familiar?

  • You have a good job, earning a good salary, but you feel bored, unfulfilled, and lonely.
  • You’ve found it hard to make friends as an adult, especially if you’re new to your city.
  • You value personal growth and connection and you’re surrounded by people who are content with “just getting by”.
  • You’re a former athlete and miss the company of a team.
  • You crave to be part of a community that values a healthy lifestyle.

Can you relate?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, we created FitBar for you.
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Why Austin?

150 people move to Austin every single day. Job growth is exploding, so we see a ton of people move here who are working so much that they hardly have time to enjoy all that our city has to offer, much less make new friends.

Enter FitBar

We created FitBar to be a social solution for healthy-minded people who value growth and community. Our aim is to fill a social void by providing you with a healthy outlet to meet people. FitBar is a healthy alternative to the bar scene and is designed to be a more intentional social experience than a meetup.

You don’t have to be fit. You don’t have to be extroverted. You just have to show up with a positive mindset, be willing to try new things, and get ready to meet people you can connect with.

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Connect. Contribue. Thrive.

You deserve to be a part of a community that is making a difference. See some of our pictures below from previous events.


Do I have to be fit to attend a FitBar event? What if I haven’t exercised in a long time?

You are more than welcome! The goal of our events is social connection. We use fitness as a means to bond, but the purpose is to create connection. So you can choose to either go hard-core or participate and enjoy the workout.

Do I have to live in Austin to be part of your community?

Right now, our live events and most of our membership opportunities take place in Austin. However, we are looking to add more membership experiences for people who live outside our great city. So sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date!

How is FitBar different from Meetup?

FitBar is a much more intentionally designed experience than a meetup. Meetups are about the activity. At FitBar, we create a fitness activity followed by a social activity, and both activities are specifically designed to foster connection. We cater directly to the needs of our clients to create a positive experience for everyone.  

What if I’m an introvert, or shy meeting new people?

Our coaches are equipped to remove the awkwardness that can accompany social interactions with new people. From the moment you put on your name tag, you will see that this is not an ordinary  social mixer - it is FitBar.

What is the value of FitBar?

If you have ever thought, “It’s so hard to make new friends as an adult;” “I’m trying to make healthy changes, but I just can’t find like-minded people to hang out with;” or “I just moved here and it’s hard to meet people;” then FitBar is for you.

Is FitBar like a gym membership?

FitBar will definitely give you a descent sweat but our main promise is that you’ll feel more connected and have more fun than you would at a typical group fitness class, where people only talk to the friend they came with.

Where is FitBar located?

We’re not a brick-and-mortar; we move around to keep things interesting! Each month we work with a new partner who hosts our events at their venue. (Past partners have included the Westin hotel, TOMS shoe store/cafe, and Mad Greens.) We also do tons of adventures - rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, and more.

What type of workout do you do?

For our Fitness + Social 30/30 events, we do 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training (followed by a 30 minute social activity). For our Adventure + Social events, we do rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, hiking, and more!

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