FitBar's Surf & Serve Retreat

Conquer Your Fears & Gain More Freedom

We all have "STUFF" in our lives... events, circumstances, stuff we did, stuff that happened to us.

This STUFF becomes part of a story we tell ourselves about who we are.

We know DEEP down that this story is holding us back, but it seems impossible to change the story- handcuffed by memories, pain, habits. 


If any of this resonates with YOU, then this is a retreat that'll be a game changer for YOU! 


Sometimes we need to be forced to "unplug". Yes, that means limited use of technology.

So you can be present outside to enjoy the beauty, adventure, and relax in fulfilling ways.


Doing physical activities that are outside of our "comfort zone" always prepare us for real life... quickly.

You'll get to hike a rain forest, take 4 surf lessons at your level, serve locals in need, and practice Yoga.


Gain tools from our mindset coaching in a group, so you can rewrite your story and unleash the things that hold you back.

We'll discuss real-life topics with a powerful mindset.


Don't wait to get on our list to reserve your spot if you're interested.

$400 Discount ONLY when you put your deposit down before Dec. 15th 2019



P.S. We only have 6 spots, no guarantees there will STILL be spots available on Dec. 15th


FitBar with Jake and Whit

Life coaching with an adventure twist.


Athletes don't train IN the game, they train OUTSIDE of the game- that's what FitBar offers you during our adventure retreats.

Instead of battling the demons of your past, learn how to battle them period. And instead of searching for your courage in the pain of your life-long story, find your courage making an amazing memory.

We guide you to harness the power of adventure, so you can practice the mental skills that will FREE you from living at the whim of whatever life throws at you next.

Jake and Whitney will take you through a life changing 6-day coaching program where you will learn to be free from the limitations you put on yourself.

You'll also be surfing in warm waves, hiking to tropical waterfalls, eating amazing food, praticing yoga, and relaxing by the infinity pool.

Travel to a beautiful country in Central America.

Here's What You'll Experience

You'll stay perched on a cliff just above the beach at Puro Surf Hotel & Academy located in El Zonte, El Salvador, truly a surfing paradise.

Offering an incredibly consistent right hand point break directly in front of the hotel and beach breaks are within walking distance, it's breath-taking.

During your 6-night stay you'll have access to:

  • Surf Lessons: Get up to 4 one-hour sessions, all included. For all levels, even first timers. Plus, receive photos and a video of your surfing experience.
  • Serve with Locals: You'll have the opportunity to serve by volunteering in one of their community social projects run by Puro Surf Hotel.
  • Mindset Tools: The founders of FitBar, who are mindset coaches, will be offering different classes you can attend to learn tools they teach all of their clients who have had transformative change.
  • Yoga Class: A great opportunity to stretch, meditate, and relax your mind.
  • Guided Rain-forest Hike: This experience alone is worth the trip. You'll get to jump into giant waterfalls and see the beauty all the locals love.


By going on this trip you'll be able to distress, explore, and grow.

It will be an adventure you won't forget.


If you're interested in joining, then click below.

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Find Courage to...

Come "train" outside of your game, so you can show up courageously when it really matters!

It's the best way to create new thinking patterns.

Choose a training ground that'll leave a long-lasting impression on you- surfing, serving, and having fun!

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Come Experience Adventure & Grow

What if you knew this was exactly what you needed to feel more empowered and create life-changing memories, would you go?


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