Lifestyle Coaching


We provide coaching to former athletes with crazy-busy schedules who want support making a permanent shift to a healthy lifestyle.


In our 6-month program, you will first learn to have your own back.  You will build a relationship with yourself so that when you say you are going to make a shift, you trust that what you say will happen.

Second we refine your relationship with food.  We give you the tools to decide what food means to you and move it to the back seat so YOU can take back the wheel.

Third we develop your relationship with your life.  If you can't perform a skill during a game, then you can't actually perform the skill.  Life doesn't get put on pause so you can make changes, so we guide to those changes while life is happening.

Life can look amazing 6 months from now - are you ready?


50% - You're half-way to success!!

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