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Are you a busy and overwhelmed professional who desires healthier habits, to feel supported and to become a "better" version of yourself?

Then find out how FitBar Worldwide, our online membership, can help you be more consistent in making the change you crave.


FitBar Worldwide is for you IF:

>>> “You're trying to live a healthier lifestyle but find yourself starting and stopping"

>>> "You struggle to feel motivated to stick to a healthy routine, so you find yourself putting it off"

>>> "You want to become a better version of yourself, but don't know where to start"

>>> "You're willing to make changes, but want access to tools that work and more support that will help you succeed"


Our tools work for people who:

  • Are normally highly-motivated but find themselves in a funk.
  • Incorporate healthy living but still don't see the change they want.
  • Sick of getting the same results over and over.
  • Crave more out of life and who are ready to raise the bar.


Enter: FitBar Worldwide!

FitBar Worldwide is an online membership that gives you access to videos, worksheets, and LIVE monthly calls with Jake & Whit that equip you with tools that are PROVEN to work, so you  can start making the change you crave.


Here's what you'll be getting with FitBar Worldwide membership:

>>> LIVE workouts PLUS all our archive workouts so you have access to a variety of exercises you can do when you are at work or traveling... (VALUE: $19.99/mo)

>>> Easy-to-use worksheets that walk you step-by-step on how to take action to get new results. Many of these tools are topics from our "The FitBar Effect" Podcast... (VALUE: $150)

>>> 2 monthly LIVE calls with Jake & Whit: discuss goals, support, and Q&A on what you're getting stuck on... (VALUE: $199/mo)

>>> FREE 5 day Course called "5 Days to Jump-start Your Social Confidence" to make it more comfortable to engage with strangers without relying on alcohol as a crutch... (VALUE: $60)

>>> FREE Weight Loss (mindset) Course + Whitney's Tools - includes video's, food sheets, protocol options, how to create your compelling reason, worksheets, and more... (VALUE: $300)

TOTAL VALUE: $3087.88

You get it all for $239.88/year ($19.99/mo)
Or Pay monthly for $29.99/mo


 FitBar Worldwide was created so more people could have access to tools we've acquired, practiced, and coached. Our clients have gained amazing, life-changing results.

Whether you stumbled upon us, were reffered, or have watched some of our videos in the past, it's not by accident you are here NOW!

We invite you to invest in yourself by gaining these tools and support that will make it easier to live a life you desire.


FitBar Worldwide Annual Membership: $239.88/yr or pay monthly: $29.99/mo.

Recurring payment - you can cancel anytime

Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee


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